The Ancient Way

We live in a World so different to what it was even fifty years ago, everything changes all the time at a very fast pace, Gurus and religious fanatics springing up claiming to have answers for all the ills of the world. Everyone in their enthusiasm churning out Philosophies which are not based on any spiritual knowledge of first hand experience or able to help a genuine seeker after Truth. Such Gurus can be challenged, but because of a lack of Philosophical understanding and the inability to question on the part of the seeker, it enables these Gurus to get away with anything. On the other hand, we have the devout religious, without an open mind, blurting out his or her system based purely on a book, which, then gets the credentials of being sent by God through his prophet or messenger.  Such philosophies taught to people are absurd as they do more damage than good because it robs the ability of the individual to think. It must be clearly understood that God is an ABSOLUTE state, which is complete in itself, and does not need anything. Since God has no centre, which means that God is everywhere and not located in one particular place, then the idea of choosing people to be Prophets is also not correct as much as that God has given Laws by which man must live. Everything here comes from God, God is perfect and only perfect can come from perfect. So, judging people is not the most elevating teaching because it implies that God judges God and then punishes itself, which of course is absurd.

If we study the teachings of the saints, whether from the East or the West, one thing is clear and that they talk of something which is way beyond any ritual, any institution, any book or religion. They speak I parables, “let the dead bury the dead” do something where “your graves shines the Light,” or “what you see is the dead walking” as well as “those that are not initiated into the mystery by an Enlightened Master are dead.”

Since all speak of the same mystery in many different ways hidden in parables, I will concentrate on the last one above. In the tradition of the saints, The WORD is called by different names, Shabad, Naam, Vani, etc., but it is not the written or spoken Word, so, that rules out completely the fact that a book can be a Guru or having been sent by God as an Absolute state does not take any part in the limits of creation. It is this WORD or Shabad which is the source of this creation, supporting all levels of creation. It is the oldest and the most ancient Path in the world, not any book or religion. This Shabda is what is known as the Light and Sound, it is not new, it is ancient. Whenever a True Master comes along, this is what he/she reveals to people, not giving any rules or books to follow. The revelation of this Light and Sound opens the Path within the individual who is given guidance regarding how to persevere and co-operate with the Master both within and without, so that eventually the final realization of discovering who the individual really is can be granted.

One point has to be understood very clearly, and that is, this Light and Sound is everywhere but it is not present in the individual already, as some deluded people are saying. To say that, it is not correct both philosophically and spiritually. The Light and Sound, although is the most ancient Path and is so vast, it too has to be transcended eventually to realize our true nature, which is infinite. This transcendence of Light and Sound is only possible by the grace of the Master. This may confuse the reader, but let me use an analogy here, suppose someone who is unable to walk is taken to an island by a boat and the driver lands at the shore, although the distance is covered and the destination is reached but the individual is till inside the boat and not at the shore. It is when the driver or the helper, which supports the disadvantaged passenger to step on the island, that is when the journey is complete. The Light and sound is the like the boat, the mind is like a cripple because it has no knowledge of its origin and is helpless, the grace of the Master is that helper who lifts the passenger to take him on to the island. Religion and books cannot provide that because they are limits and instruct people to perform action to get to God, which is a state of actionlessness. It just does not make sense that one can get to actionlessness using action.

The message is clear, and to conclude, it must be taken on board that neither religion nor any books have come from God. There are no chosen people or books sent here. To say ours was the prophet who was the only son of God or ours is the last prophet, is to say that these people have monopoly over God and people must go through them to get to God. My answer is that it is not possible for the blind to lead the blind. Whatever saints and prophets have come here are no longer alive, they came, did their bit and are gone, but God was, is and always will be. It is not God that is obsolete but religion is, regardless of what the devout believer says. My statements do not come from a belief system, but from the direct realization of this Absolute Truth through the Grace of my Master. Those who dismiss this because they are cynical, I personally invite them to accept my challenge and prove it otherwise if they can, but the Light and Sound is the oldest and the ancient, not any old beliefs and books.

8 thoughts on “The Ancient Way

  1. Thank you so much Adept Paul for this great post, it’s a challenge to understand its words but the meaning is deep and clear. I would enjoy to take the boat ride without a doubt. “Ignorance is bliss” they say, so I’m taking the journey. Thank you once again!
    -Jasmine Renate.

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      Thank you for the comments and yes, because this is a real Path and there are real people that others can meet in this lifetime, so that makes it unique. A spiritual Path does not teach any nonesense but the Guru avails the opportunity to anyone whosoever is seeking. You have already jumped on the boat, so, just make sure you are here long enough to be taken out of it to Infinity.

  2. Very thought provoking …and very clear understanding is what I have received after reading this wonderful blog….interesting is all my previous conceptions have certainly turned out be simply misconceptions. …God is everywhere and has no centre. ..light and sound…is not already present…if one achieves that exalted state…the ultimate…finality…of this process…that is to even transcend …the light and sound…cannot happen without..the grace of an enlightened master…I am happy that the burden of false religions is not on my shoulders anymore…it is now beyond any confusion what so ever….that the highway…the express highway with the assistance and grace of an enlightened person like can in this lifetime…reach the enlightened state..

    1. Hi Rajeev,
      Thank you for your very constructive comments and congratulations on reaching some very deep understanding. Just to recap one point and that is Light and Sound is everywhere but it is not already within the individual as some religions teach. Light and Sound is revealed by touch by an Enlightened Master. I am Enlightened by the Grace of my own Guru and it is he who confers the spiritual states. Now you can see that with a bit of questioning and thinking, it is very easy to see the contradictions in the scriptures and the confusion caused by religion which inevitably allows one to go beyond the concepts given to people by religion. Your comments are well appreciated.

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