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The Journey To Enlightenment

I have spoken about my journey to Enlightenment through the Grace of my Guru in the “About Me” section on this website. There are others apart from me who have been given the same state, regardless of Geographical boundaries and their gender. The article below is an account of the Journey of a lady, Dr. Flora Fabian, who lives in Africa but had the same realisations as other Enlightened beings, demonstrating the fact that distance is no barrier in starting and finishing this amazing Path.

My Journey to Enlightenment


Dr. Flora Fabian

Before hearing about the Path Meditation, I was a non-believer for some years, although I was born a Catholic and my parents still believed strongly in catholic religion. One of my sisters (our first born in the family) was a Catholic nun. I had eight siblings (one is dead now) and there are five groups in our family; strongly Catholics, strongly Sabbath Adventists, strongly born again, one neutral and myself. I was a non-believer because during my school days I tried catholic, then other Christian denominations but found deficiency with regard to God and especially how everyone would say their belief is the correct one. I also noted that there was great enmity between Christians, generally, and Muslims. This never made sense because when I was a little girl I was taught that somehow God is everywhere (omnipresent) and that, God knows everything (omniscient), God has no beginning or end (infinite) and that God is love. Why then hate and fight each other over beliefs? I decided I wanted to find out the Truth. Who is God or what is God, do I relate with God in anyway? If all humans are an image of God (as taught when I was little) what does this mean? With these questions I was looking for something that would help me answer the questions and find my freedom.

I heard about the Path when I was in medical school doing my undergraduate studies, through friends who first of all introduced me to Yoga exercises, from there I learnt the basic relaxation meditation (breath meditation), but I knew there was something bigger to come. Right then I decided to be a vegetarian for both health reasons but also for reasons that go beyond just the physical body, as I started to feel I must be bigger than the physical body.

As I said earlier I started with breath meditation, when I was undergraduate medical student since 1984. I immediately experienced a part of me, which I had never sensed before and which seemed to be bigger and more inclusive as I realized that it encompassed the physical body but could not tell whether it had boundaries or not. I therefore requested to be taught deeper meditation and I was taught mantra meditation, where one is given some syllable called Mantra, which we repeated silently but pronouncing them clearly. To me I thought I was going backward because I felt the breath meditation gave me more expansion and more stillness. With mantra meditation I realized that my mind was very fast bringing in all sorts of thoughts that I could not control. Later on it helped me to know how the mind operates but I thought I should be able to control it. I continued for about two years from 1986 to 1988, when I was started on the path by being graced with first initiation. First initiation had a big impact on me because I realized I could access a subtle inner light and sound, which I could not compare with anything I have ever known in my whole life. I enjoyed my meditation and during this time it was clear to me that I was not the limited to the physical body but rather expansive and I could not trace the beginning of this subtle light and sound.

In just one year, that is in 1988, I was graced with second initiation. This really transformed me completely as I realized with concrete realization that the mind was just a vehicle that I use, I also realized that there was no death to what is called me, I existed beyond the body, beyond the mind and beyond death. I was something bigger, which occupied a vast space that I could not see the beginning or the end, but also I realized that there were planes above the mind, where creation begins, and that beyond here the creation was not touched. The biggest challenge was for people to understand what I was telling them, because normally people use the mind to understand and explain things, but things above the mind become a problem not only to the people we are talking to but even to our own minds. It takes several years to be comfortable to operate above the mental plane.

To me this was a gift that changed my life and I developed such a strong bond with my Teacher/Master/Guru, because learning occurred in my meditation and guidance is always there from the Master as long as I could sit in stillness. I started being a vegetarian in 1985, just before receiving my mantra and since then I have seen the benefits of being a vegetarian, apart from the benefits of meditation that include improved health, self confidence, understanding the creation, and having a purpose in life. Along the way I realized that I was becoming a calm person, able to look at things from a wider perspective, giving people the benefit of doubt because I realized that everything that I see/find in the creation was a reflection of me. When I see strength or weakness I know I posses them and it is through the wisdom of meditation that I can bring the required strength out to help me and others.

Enlightenment is an infinite state of being, it is not an experience, it is an exalted state, simply the vehicles cannot understand what is happening at Enlightenment! The state is above everything but miraculously we are able to realize when we are taken there by the Master. The Master reveals to the seeker through his Grace, although I do not understand how the Grace works, it is a living realization and I am able to reflect it through the vehicles. Meditation is like waking up and starting your morning exercise or taking your breakfast, Meditation has become part and parcel and almost a biological necessity! If I lose a day without meditation I feel as if I have missed an important meal and the vehicles show the need for meditation. Love and Compassion becomes spontaneous, moreover I have realized that without meditation, the vehicles tend to go to sleep and become clumsy in reflecting the state through. When I teach others, I realize that I am teaching from the state and vehicles just allow the teaching to go through! I am able to wake up every morning and direct the activities of the day without much effort; I allow the day to go the way I wish it to go. I realize that this is a great gift from my Master, and I cannot boast of personal efforts to be able to do this, it is the state and the meditation.

My family and friends are overwhelmed by the transformations that have occurred to me since I started to meditate but mostly after Enlightenment. They have found the wisdom and intuition quite amazing and respect me for that. I feel humbled when I am asked to assist here and there and I take the opportunity to tell them about the Path and the importance of vegetarianism and meditation.I want to tell others that this is a very rare opportunity to have a Perfect Living Master here and now. There is an opportunity for everyone to seek personal growth and to reduce the level of ignorance that exists, which has been inherited partly from the society background and from religions.

Spirituality can spread in the World if spiritually Enlightened people have a sense of urgency and take full responsibility to go out and talk to others about this amazing  Path; it is a great opportunity for mankind globally to liberate themselves from ignorance, especially from the fact that people have developed mental poverty that came through politics and religion. Most people who have remained mentally dependent/poor, have decided that they are poor and can only be helped through religions, without knowing that every cloud has its silver lining! Many names can be used for the end result of exploitation and perpetuating mental dependency. Spreading of Spirituality on a global basis can be one big liberation from fear and can be achieved through the use of the media, public lectures, newsletters, websites and word of mouth, which is the most popular tool available to us.

Many groups who are interested in personal development exist by the large number in our society and most are increasingly looking for ways to improve their lives and finally become better human beings. People are increasing searching for Truth. It is the responsibility of Enlightened people everywhere to help mankind in becoming free from the ignorance that has prevailed for many years.

Dr. F. Fabian

The Miracle of Meditation

The Miracle of Meditation

Meditation in India has been popular for centuries and I myself have witnessed several miracles in my life throughout my own spiritual journey. I am not talking about the so called miracles that are performed on stage by jugglers every day, I am talking about the real miracle that leads to the real transformation of life through meditation. What I am going to narrate here is what I have personally witnessed, a life transformed that of a young boy, serving tea to staff and doing other chores in a large corporation in Mumbai. This boy was also given the duties of looking after me while I was visiting Mumbai and staying in an area called Royal Palms. I will just call this young man by the name of Datta.

I first met Datta at Royal Palms after I landed in Mumbai in September 2010. He appeared to be no more than 15/16 years old boy, very quiet, simple and really scared. I could not engage him in a conversation as he was very timid and withdrawn. During my stay at Royal Palms, I got him talking gradually, but not enough to know him. Over the next few days, as people flooded to see me and asking me to give spiritual talks in Hindi, Datta lit up, leaving everything aside, he sat on a chair in a lotus position and paying serious attention to every word I spoke. That was the very beginning of an understanding of how this simple boy from a village had opened his heart up to what was I actually doing in Mumbai.

I later found out that another Enlightened person who had come before me had taught Datta how to meditate on the breath. I took this opportunity and asked him if he wants to take up meditation a bit more serious and, he said yes. I then gave Datta a General Mantra and taught him how to meditate on it. A few days later, another initiate came to see me and saw Datta meditating and crying, he told him the reason for this. I then sat with him and explained to him that there was nothing wrong with that, he is just having a mental clear out and it was quite natural to let go of our emotions. He was happy with that and I encouraged him to continue with his meditation, which he accepted gracefully.

I returned to England in mid-October 2010 and continued to enquire from others and was given a surprising feedback as to how Datta had taken his meditation so seriously. I returned to Mumbai in Feb; 2011 and found Datta a very different person and he asked me how he could progress to the next stage and asked for a Personal Mantra. After receiving his Personal Mantra and meditating with me, he went deep and was very still after finishing his meditation. The impact on him was great and he continued with his meditation in a disciplined way.

I have returned to Mumbai in September 2011 for the third time and, noticed the huge transformation by myself , not aware of the shock I was going to get from Datta.  He reported in detail by himself how he had changed. He confessed to me that when he had the General Mantra, he only meditated to please us, but as he started feeling the benefits of meditation and heard others commenting about him, he became serious. He said“ I was very abusive, and had no respect for anything and anyone, and I would gather other young boys of his age and act like a Don. The parents of the boys and other villagers complained about me to my parents quite regularly and my parents got really fed off with my attitude. Meditation had opened a new world for me.” Talking about taking spirituality to humanity he said ‘Saab, nothing happens by itself. People here, who follow the Master, must go out and spread his message.’ Datta continued, “I had no idea that I was changing, my elder brother and his wife sat me down and asked, “what has happened to you?” How come you have gone through such a big change? Datta was smiling as he was talking to me, very happy and said I told them, I have come in contact with someone who stays with the people where I work, he taught me how to meditate.

I went to my village on 28/8/11, said Datta, it was here I realized the enormity of the change, the drastic transformation that had taken place. The people from the whole village came to see me. He said ‘Even the ones I abused, disrespected and have had lengthy arguments with, they all came to see me and asked me what magic had taken place. Everyone asked my parents about the change in me. Finally both my parents took me for a walk in the village, sat me by the tree and asked me the same question as the rest of the villagers. Shyly, Datta smiled and said again, “I mentioned about my meditation, and your visits to Mumbai as well as the public talks and the discourses.” My mother was grateful and wanted to thank the people who had helped me, and asked for your picture he said. Now, if anyone abuses me or is out for an argument with me, my stillness overpowers me and I just smile and walk away from it all. That is the impact on the village people and all those he knows well.

I wanted to dig even deeper, so I continued on to the other topics.  It all started as I was having a conversation about the life of the Buddha. He said no one in our village keeps his image, when asked why? he said, ‘because of the social status of the people that follow him.’ I explained that was not so, he was a Prince, the greatest Teacher who ever lived and renounced his riches to go in search of Enlightenment. Datta smiled and said ‘I don’t believe in the low or the high, I tell my mother that no one is high and no one is low, all are made equal by God. They work in your fields, harvest the crop, bring it to you and you eat it. That too is touched by them.’ I was so touched by the wisdom of this simple boy, my eyes welled up with tears. This is not the end, I continued my conversation about rituals and meditation. He said ‘rituals are a prison, how can a man with his feet in two boats ever get to his destination’. Followed from this we moved on to temples, to which he was quick to reply and said ‘it is a waste of time, why stand before an icon and beg for riches. If riches could come that way, we would not have to go to work, it would be easy to stay at home and beg from God all day long’. The conversation was concluded by him, ‘Saab, meditation is my strength both physically and mentally. If I ever miss my meditation I feel very weak.’

Datta speaks of his personal Mantra and meditation with great enthusiasm. He told me, ‘Saab, I came to Mumbai from a small village. I had no idea that there was another world outside of my village. When I arrived in Mumbai, I was very scared and worried, when taking tea for the staff my hands would tremble, but meditation changed my life and gave me the courage to face the challenges.’ Datta has never met my Master, nor seen a picture of him, but he asks about his welfare with great devotion and his eyes full of love.

Now we came to the end of conversation, and I took a deep breath and gazed at Datta with compassion. I had just learnt that I was not listening to a timid and scared boy from a village whom I met a year ago, but the great sage within him that has come to life. For me, this was a reminder to maintain my humility and acknowledge the power of the Grace of the Master. I am sincerely grateful to Datta for this valuable lesson. Now I want to talk about the best part of the story. It was evening time by the time our conversation was over. There was a lot of tranquility and the atmosphere was calm, I said to Datta, “why don’t you go and meditate for some time and we will eat later.” Datta retreated into a separate room where others were meditating.

I meditated on my own and three hours had gone by and Datta was still missing. This was very unusual and I quickly asked for him. He came out with a flood of tears and prostrated before me and clung to my legs, would not let go of me as I tried to sit him down on the sofa next to me. Finally, I managed to get him sit and started a conversation. I asked how come he had meditated so long in one go, which he had not done before. Now, the conversation got even more interesting as he talked to me about the meditation, the bliss in which he sat on the cushion. I had checked with him every single detail and it so happened that his Kundalini Energy has been awakened all the way to the Saharsara (physical thousand petalled lotus) chakra.

I explained to Datta in the presence of others that he was very fortunate to have this happened to him, yogis at one time have spent several years in caves trying to awaken their Kundalini. I wanted Datta to understand the difference between this Path and the so many others in India. I clearly pointed out that most of the Gurus in India tell their disciples that they are Enlightened at this stage. This is not correct as the Kundalini is a Samadhi with a SEED and Enlightenment is a Samadhi with no SEED in it, rightly called NIRVIKALPA Samadhi.

When I first met Datta, he could not talk to a group of three or four people, not academic at all, he shyed away from conversations, but when I had seen him last, he was addressing groups of people well over sixty, in the very place where he worked, that too about meditation. Dattas’ transformation not only became a proof of the power of meditation to his colleagues, but a source of inspiration to those who knew him personally. I am really grateful to Datta for sharing his story with me, now, I would like to finish this story with a message that the presence of the Master at this time is a great opportunity, please do not waste it.

With Love & Devotion to my Master (Guru)

J.Paul Mahay

What is Meditation

The word meditation has become quite common in our everyday language and meditation itself dominates the scene amongst business professionals as well as some health centres. It came to the West by way of yoga in the early fifties and then took off in the sixties when the Beatles popularized it. I still remember people commenting and asking me questions when I was barely sixteen and did not have a clue myself. Some said sitting for meditation was trying to blank your mind or sit and stare into an empty state. Then there was the version that meditation is trying to become one with the object of meditation, in the East it is called Samadhi. Being young, a teenager, I had no clue until I went away to study, at the age of twenty-three I started meditating.

So, what is meditation? I stumbled across a highest form of meditation and learnt that there is a very old statement which defines meditation, and it states that, “meditation starts when thought stops.” This is a very profound statement and sums up exactly what meditation is.

Now, I would like to go back to the question, “why meditate?” This is a serious question and there are many forms of meditation. You can walk into a music shop and buy a CD and learn to relax, it is called guided meditation, where you are lead through a series of suggestions, commands given by the therapist or a teacher. Then, there are some music CDs which can take you into a relaxing mode too. Apart from these systems, we have yoga and yogic meditation, could be breathing or using a set of key words, sounds called mantras. Recently, keeping up with fashion, major religions have also come up with their systems, branding with their religion name.

When I am talking about meditation, it has nothing to do with any of the above systems. I am not talking about a meditation system associated with any religion or religious denomination, it has nothing to do with any of that at all. The meditation that I am talking about is to do with the exapansion of our awareness, leading gradually to the expansion of our awareness to infinity. Along the way to this final expansion which reveals to the individual the Ultimate Reality, happiness and bliss increases to greater and greater levels until it becomes a permanent part of ones life. That is the reason why one should meditate, to get to that Ultimate state of awareness.

There are numerous reasons why I meditate. It keeps me in a state of calm and beyond the chaos of everyday life. The mind gets so cluttered with unwanted thoughts that the ability to think clearly diminishes. Can you imagine a pile of junk all over the football pitch and organizing a game on it?

Yes, you guessed it, there will be a mess. Similarily, the disorganized mind is like that. It is believed that the mind thinks about sixty to seventy thousand thoughts a day, and ninety percent of them are repeated. That is just recycling old energy, which leaves no room for creativity, though meditation, stale energy is eliminated and creativity takes place.

What I have stated is that meditation is essential to stay centred in our everyday life, moreover, the real reason to meditate is to get to spiritual Enlightenment. I must point out here that meditation alone will not get you to that Ultimate state, it just creates enough stillness for the Enlightened Teacher to take you beyond all levels of consciousness until you discover the Cause of the Universe through his grace.