Initiation:The Greatest Beginning

Initiation:The Greatest Beginning

Our lives have many beginnings and each of them is a challenge to us, awakening our interest, and making us see the world with new eyes. For most of us our biggest beginning is birth when the whole world appears before us and everything is yet to be learned. This beginning is possible through the mystery of life. Life moves our bodies, life works our senses, life activates our minds.

But there is a bigger mystery, a greater start, one which few ever make, but which is so spectacular that it opens up vast new worlds, hidden universes, other planes of awareness. Life is that reveals this world to us. Just think of the mystery that reveals life itself.

We know that the universe is strange and majestic almost beyond imagination, but what of that subtle, vibrant energy called life that makes us aware of the universe? What do we know about that? Who can tell us where it comes from? Who can give us the means to know it? Who can give us eyes to see it? Who can give us greatest beginning of all?

A Truly Enlightened Master can, who has demonstrated his ability to take people from start to end of the Journey.

Such a Master has been doing exactly that since he started teaching in the year 1974.

Initiation means to be allowed into a mystery. What greater mystery can there be than life itself and what greater initiation than to know life, to enter into the mystery of life, and have the key to the whole universe? This has been the hope of man since his beginnings, through numberless civilizations. This means complete Self-knowledge.

In the Bible the guiding energy of the universe was called the “Word”, the subtle and original vibration. This was the voice of God, the Absolute or the Ultimate Reality, the mystical builder of all worlds. The Hindus talk of the Shabad (Word), the Sikhs call it the Anhad Shabad (unstruck melody) or Bani, the sacred sound of all sounds. In Islam it is called Bang-e-Asmani or Kalma, while in China the Tao, though hidden to sight, linked like a golden thread to all things. But while many have spoken these names, few have ever heard the Word, or contacted the Shabad, or seen the Tao.

Why is this? Because it takes the most exceptional power of all, Divine Power, to reveal this wonderful cause, the source of the created worlds. Few in millions of years come with that power. But when such a being manifests, the floodgates of knowledge are opened and man is carried away from the mysterious world and into its even more mysterious cause.

The Master (Guru) with whom I have spent the last thirty years and has conferred upon me the Absolute freedom, spiritual Enlightenment, or put it simply, God Realisation, has brought with him a fresh beginning for the whole of humanity. The Initiation he gives, which is just the beginning of the spiritual journey, is nothing less than the revelation of life itself. This is not a spoken initiation since words are weak with little power to change or awaken us. His instead is the highest revelation of all for he actually shows his initiates the “mysterious principle”, the eternal cause.

And how extraordinary this cause is! For it contains other worlds, vast universes never seen by any scientist or measured by any instrument. Wise and vibrant beings can be contacted there. Starting with initiation, the Master takes his Initiates on a journey without parallel. They are given the key to the cosmos.

What is this Initiation like? On a special day, when the individual is ready, an Initiating Adept – someone who has completed this supreme journey and given the special initiation to pass on the Grace of the Master, imparts it to the person by touch on the forehead. And where before, the initiate knew dark and silence, now there appears to his inner vision brilliant pure Light coming from the cause of even the brightest stars. And he hears a sound not formed by earthly objects but instead the original Word of God: the source of all universes.

Now the follower sees other worlds. His awareness has expanded far beyond his senses and far beyond his previous limits. He experiences a subtle, vital energy of matchless intelligence. He is guided through other universes. He realizes there is far, far more to himself and the world. His awareness will grow and grow bringing fresh insights and answering the deepest questions of all.

There have been many words spoken about this supreme mystery and much reverence given to books and scriptures. But words are not enough and nor is the strongest faith. An Enlightened Master does not bring words to his followers and his Initiation is not a mental one. Instead he brings factual knowledge of God. He reveals the face and voice of God. He proves that man is Divine. He demonstrates the existence of other worlds. He reveals the greatest beginning of all, then guides each initiate from this vast beginning to its supreme conclusion: Liberation, perfect Freedom; the mystery unraveled and eternally solved.

I am such a fortunate one who took initiation from this Master and he blessed me with this Ultimate Freedom, spiritual Enlightenment, and you too can share in this great miracle.

NB. I have used words he/his in this article. Nothing here is gender biased and terms are used for convenient purposes only.

4 thoughts on “Initiation:The Greatest Beginning

  1. Thank you very much for this highly educative piece of work. Being a second initiates I have enjoyed it so much. Vetira

  2. Brilliant way of putting it into words Paul. Thank you for taking the time and write about this unique revelation. Being a second initiate I fully merged with what you are saying. It is understandable even to those who are not yet on any stage. All that one needs apart from the perfect masters grace is just to be, trust and allow guidance. All will be revealed.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Baren. We are because of the Master. It is his Grace that sustains our lives and it is because of this rare gift that a true Spiritual Journey begins. Without the Grace of an Enlightened Perfect Master, there is no Path but just another religion.

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