Beyond Intellect

The continued attempt by scientists trying to discover how old the universe is, or wanting to know the beginning and the end of the universe is futile as it is quite antagonistic to the statement “that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed. This means that the universe has no beginnings and endings. There are many questions arising from these statement but the most prominent one being “do scientists understand the meaning of this statement?” If they do, then why are they continually spending vast amounts of money to find out where the universe begins? Religion, on the other hand, keeps telling people to follow the scriptures and just pray to God for the solution to their problems. All this has reduced God to a pile of rituals and helping people to become more and more unconscious, whereas spirituality is a real awakening and proves to the individual the needless for any dogma, rituals, austerities, pilgrimages or any other action that promises deliverance.

To make the situation even worse, certain religions teach that there is a soul which is part of God and has become imperfect by born in a human body, so, we are here to learn lessons and eventually, when all the lessons are learnt, then, this soul will become perfect and the individual will have realised God. So, this is a very convenient way of avoiding responsibility by religion to deal with the issues at hand. Again, there are many problems with this theory, it is termed as reincarnation. The mind can learn anything¬† because there is no end to learning, the more the answers, the more the questions, hence knowledge in that sense is futile as it has beginnings, middles and endings, a limit, which is fatalistic. Then, the Ultimate Reality, Infinite, God, or the Absolute state is undifferentiated, that is, it has no parts, so the idea that it fragments to become a soul is futile. If there was such a thing as the soul and is part of something which is perfect, then it also must be perfect and there is nothing to learn, as this also would contradict the statement that “God is omniscient,” an all knowing Being, which clearly states that God has all the knowledge it needs and no point in learning anything else. Finally, from the smallest particle to the largest mass, there are no repeats in infinity, therefore that just clarifies the dilemma that there is no such thing as learning in the sense religion promotes it. Moreover, upon attaining Enlightenment, God realisation, one discovers that there is only ONE thing everywhere, which is not trapped in anything, an irrefutable proof that the Cause of creation cannot be trapped in its Effect.

The proof that we cannot transcend limits using limits is evident from the statements we find in the world scriptures. The Bhagavad-Gita, a classic from the East, where Lord Krishna (the Master) speaks to his disciple (Arjuna) to clarify his doubt states, ” The senses are said to be greater than the body; but greater than the senses is the mind. Greater than the mind is the intellect, and what is greater than the intellect is the Self.”- Ch.3. v.4.

The mind, the intellect, play an important part in our lives but if we do not develop our mental bodies to a point that we are able to see the limits of these vehicles and question that which imprisons us in our daily lives, whether it is a belief system, a habitual way of thinking or religion, then we have failed. So, the question then arises, how can one go beyond the intellect to discover that beyond which there is no more to be discovered? Or putting it in a way that has been said thousands of years ago, ” what is it by knowing which nothing else remains to be known?”. The obvious answer to that is Enlightenment, God-realisation. And the solution is not in any book, regardless of how well it is written. The irony is that religion teaches that their book is a direct revelation of God, in that all we get is an argument and the reality gets missed. The irony of teaching people such theory is that, even the teachers, prophets or saints, whose teachings are embodied in those books are saying that you cannot realise God through prayers or reading books or chanting hymens in a religious place. Their message has been to find an Enlightened Master who has Enlightened others and having got the Light of God, just get on with meditation. Nothing can be gained by intellectual pursuits as that Ultimate Reality is beyond all thinking and imagination. The Self cannot be understood, “the Self understood by understanding is not the real Self which is beyond understanding by anything save ITSELF.”

There are so many teachers out there talking about Enlightenment, giving lengthy discourses and descriptions of God. Talking about Enlightenment from the level of the mind only, playing with words and giving the impression that they are the experts at what they are saying. Yes, they are experts at using flowery words, but there is no spiritual elevation to be found either amongst the Masters or the disciples. The only proof that someone is a spiritual Master is that the person must state his spiritual status as well as produce people that this Master has Enlightened, otherwise, please do not waste your time with such Masters.

The only way out of this creation is by way of taking the revelation of the Light of God from an Enlightened Master, meditating under his guidance and he/she will take you all the way to Enlightenment in this lifetime. He will not speak of other lifetimes as he proves to you that there are not any other lifetimes. Spiritual Enlightenment removes mans ignorance and replaces it with Absolute Knowledge of God. The individual becomes more aware of his responsibility and clearly sees that all religions, rituals or any other systems based on belief are mere prisons. The only way to free oneself is through the grace of an Enlightened Master. He gives revelation of the Light of God which is real, not visualisation, information or imagination, but an inner Light and Sound, which cannot be perceived by the physical eyes or heard by the physical ears.

Revealing the Path of inner Light and Sound is no ordinary task and only a competent and Enlightened Master can do that. Such a Master is honest, sincere and delivers what he/she promises in this very lifetime. I must stress the fact that the whole purpose of the presence of an Enlightened Teacher is not to entertain the masses by giving an interpretation of the scriptures, nor waste endless hours of his life in telling stories about the lives of those Masters who have left this earthly plane centuries ago. He is here to reveal the Path of Light and Sound within the individual, which ultimately leads to realisation of the ultimate goal of your life, Enlightenment, the discovery of the Cause of all causes, the Causeless cause, in this lifetime.

J. Paul Mahay

“Study me as much as you like,

you will not know me,

for I differ in a hundred ways from

what you see me to be.

Put yourself behind my eyes and

see me as I see myself,

for I have chosen to dwell in a place

you cannot see.”


– Rumi.




4 thoughts on “Beyond Intellect

  1. I enjoyed reading this Paul. You reiterated that Spirituality is a practical exercise in Self-discovery through revelation of Light and Sound from a Perfect Master, and not merely an intellectual pass-time. Through continually stating this simple fact, some people do eventually listen and understand, and a few will act on it!

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your feedback and the article is straightforward as the most world traditions point out to the necessity of a Perfect Enlightened Master who can take an individual on a spiritual journey. That Path begins with the revelation of the Light of God and is not some mental or visualisation or a guided tour using thought. To attain to a state of actionlessness one cannot use action.


  2. Dear Paul , I could read Beyond Intellect, it has been narrated very well. It has given me inspiration to express to others as well.

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