Analogy : By Michael Gilbert

Here is an interesting conversation between myself and another spiritual being. The subject at hand is looking at anology and how we it can help us to offer insights.

Sometimes it is useful to examine where the word comes from – its history. Analogy comes from two words. The Greek ana meaning “upon or according to” and logos meaning “word” or “ratio.” So, when we use analogy we are thining in a way that is using the principle of “ratio” or “word”. According to a word or ratio, what could this word or ratio be? Well – anything really.

Think about it. We all use phrases such as “its like” when trying to describe or explain something. In doing so, we are using analogy. We are using one thing to understand or convey to others an appreciation of something else.

As a key – analogy is a way of thinking about the world. We do it all the time unconsciously. But we can also do it consciously.

Here is a simple analogy. It is not true. Analogies are not true. But an analogy can offer insights.

Let us suppose as an analogy that God is Zero. And creation is One. What can we discover from this?

Well, we know that if we divide zero by any number we get zero. If we divide one by any number apart from itself and zero we get a fraction or a decimal. So, from this we could conclude that God is indivisible and Creation is divisible.

If we multiply, add, subtract or divide zero by any number we always get zero. That is zero cannot be changed. So we could conclude that God is immutable.

If we do the same with the number one, we get lots of different answers. So we can conclude that creation is mutable – changes.

Zero is not a positive number nor is is it a negative number. It is neutral. In fact it isn’t really a number at all. It signifies the absence of a number. All other numbers can be positive or negative but zero is neither – it sits between positive and negative and you cannot get much more neutral than that. But one can be either negative or positive.

So God is neutral. Of any analogy breaks down if we “push” as there isn’t any “thing” apart from or a part of Creation. And we cannot think beyond limits anymore than a bird can fly without wings. But can you see how by using analogy we may gain insights from thinking about one thing in terms of another?

Here is an analogy from the East. “The space within the space within the heart.” What does this mean? Well, when we usually think of space we think of space with a boundary. The space in a room. The space in a box. The space a building or a solar system occupies. But we always think in limits. We cannot think beyond limits. Now imagine a space that had for it edges another space. What would it be like? Try and imagine a space that has for its edges space. Difficult? Yet that analogy can as it were point to something – only point-that cannot be thought. Something beyond thought.

So a space within a space, would have no edges, no boundaries, no limits. And it is in the heart. And the heart represents love, and love accepts. So this phrase “the space within the space within the heart” is conveying by analogy the nature of something that cannot be expressed except by analogy or peotry. One cannot express zero. And creation cannot express what supports it.

No-thing supports everything by accepting everything.

A sage once advised, “always think from the macro to the micro.”

That way we see things in their rightful space. Look too closely and small things can look big, huge insurmountable. Yet, nothing is bigger than space. Space is where everything lives. But everything is not where space lives. Space lives alone. And like zero cannot be counted on to take sides.

So, sometimes we can use analogy to look at our life and our challenges in a different way. Maybe we can use analogy and pretend to be the spaceand swallow everything whole. Or maybe we can be fortunate enough to meet a man inside or outside who can reveal to us the mystery of our own existence.

Space that surpasses all understanding.


6 thoughts on “Analogy : By Michael Gilbert

  1. Thank you for the well use of “analogy” in spirituality. It has made understanding in a much simpler way. Such as the use of number zero ‘0’ for God and ‘1’ for Creation. I appreciate it and will love to share this analogy with other spiritual beings, as I have benefited myself.

  2. Thank you very much Michael Gilbert. This is a thorough clarification of “Analogy”, very precise and clear. Maybe you could do the same with “Numerology”. It has helped me great deal. This is Spirituality made simple.

  3. Indeed this analogy…. has come very close to explaining the idea… God the indivisible and neutral..the boundless….and the creation in suspended animation in the space of nothingness ….

    1. Hi Rajeev,
      Thank you so much and since an Absolute state cannot be expressed, analogy has been used by many sages to express what they wanted to convey to the public or the followers.

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