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My quest for the Supreme ( as I would know it then ) started when I was nine years old. Being an Indian, my family, along with teachers at school had deeply instilled the culture and value system of the Indian Religions.

I started meditating as a student in 1974 on a technique based on the Vedic tradition which I persevered with for nine years and found it had dramatically improved my way of thinking, more open and tolerant. Despite the benefits of this meditation, after about three years I realized that I had come to a dead end and it was not something that would get me to moksha, the Indian term for liberation or Spiritual Enlightenment, so I must find a Satguru, a Perfect Master. Although I had come to the realization of this truth of the need of a Master, I had my own concepts about how a Master should be and where he should be born. Because of my own lack of understanding, not prejudice, I rejected the opportunity that was presented to me in 1978 whilst I was working in London. The adverts I read were very challenging and I resisted, because I wanted the Master to fit into my concepts and validate his teachings according to Indian scriptures.

I left London in April 1980 and joined my family in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, my home town. I continued reading literature on the lives of Saints and, one day came across the words of a saint who said, “ do not be fooled by the colour or country of origin of a Master, if he can give you the revelation of the Light and Sound and promises to take you to liberation, just fall at his feet and accept him as your Guru.” These words came at a perfect time and any doubts that I had were now cleared. Almost within few days of this incident, a very close friend of mine sent me three leaflets on this Spiritual Path, which I must have read about twenty times. The more I read, the intensity of my desire to know more increased, so I looked at the letter that was enclosed, inviting me to a public talk by an Enlightened person on 5th of November, 1983 at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, which was on a Saturday. Due to my commitments, I could not get there in time to listen to the Enlightened person, but managed to speak to some of the people who were already meditating. One particular Initiate I talked to me had introduced himself to me, he looked radiant, confident and very happy, who gave me about ninety minutes of his time and upon my request, he told me that he was a second initiate, I then probed him further where he told me that he could never have got this far by himself, it was his Master who bestowed this state upon him. As soon as He said that, the words of Saint Kabir rang louder within me and I knew I have come to the end of my search.

I was struck with amazement  and, still going over what I had just heard, I asked how I could pursue this Path. I took a list of the public talks in the area, the first talk after that was on the 17th of December, 1983 by an Enlightened person at the same Polytechnic. It was very cold and wet that day, so I turned up at 7.30 pm and after the talk asked the next step and got my Personal Mantra on the 22nd of December, 1983. As I sat to meditate, not only was I surprised at the intense Power of this mantra, the person who gave it to me was amazed as to how quickly I surrendered to my meditation. A week had hardly gone by, my wife, Santosh, could not believe the changes she had seen and insisted I take her with me to the next discourse. On 5th of March, 1984, she too was given a Personal Mantra and we meditated regularly.

We persevered with our meditations and the changes that took place were very profound. The people who looked after us displayed a great deal of love and compassion. We both asked for Initiation and saw the Enlightened person, who then gave us a date for our Initiation. On the 8th of July, 1984, I was initiated along with my wife into the Light and Sound. What we witnessed was the greatest miracle in life, I could not believe my great fortune as what I spent years reading about, a tradition of Light and Sound, here I was sitting and witnessing it all by myself, something which the Saints in India had valued more than their lives. We received this Grace through an Enlightened person, who was given authority by the Master, another miracle as how could someone be absent and work through another person. It was the most wonderful initiation, I became absolutely dumb and shocked. Meditating on the Light and Sound for three whole days was stepping into a sanctuary which was untainted by anything in outside world.

My meditations gave me strength unimaginable, although I had to nurse a sick wife for ten years and look after two young children on my own, had I not got the direct care and compassion of my own Master, I very much doubt the fact if I could have sat here to write this testimonial. My personal contact with my Master was the greatest treasure that kept me going in the middle of all hardships in life. I have always seen him as an embodiment of all the scriptures, love and compassion. It is his perseverance with me, and of others who taught me, that kept me going from strength to strength. It is through the Grace of the Master that I realized this eternal law of spirituality, that beginning of a True spiritual Path is through the revelation of this Light and Sound to the spiritual thousand petalled lotus and, not by meditating on a set of mantras. Just as giving a pair of spectacles to a blind man will not restore his sight, so also, meditating on mantras will not set us free from ignorance.

After I had meditated on this energy for few years, I was given the grace to move to the next stage, second initiation. My wife was very ill, the strain of her illness, two young children and the pressure of work lead to my struggles and not letting go in my meditations. Eventually I went away to meditate and surrendered to the intensity of Grace. Here, the degree of freedom I realized in the new state was phenomenal and knew exactly what Saint Kabir talked about in his writings. I realized that there was nothing that could contain me, the space I was cannot reincarnate, I was beyond birth and death, and the theory of the soul as taught by Religions was utterly wrong. I realized that I was beyond my mind and independent of my thoughts, in other words, I was beyond form. I did not feel trapped any longer and, had I been left to my own devices, I would have said I was Enlightened. Here, my love and gratitude for my Master had intensified as I realized he indeed was the Perfect Master, there was no doubt about it. His integrity is commendable, for there is nothing stopping him from saying at this stage that an individual is Enlightened, instead, he told me that I still have to go on as the journey to Enlightenment is not yet complete.

Thus, I continued meditating and went away on 20th December to meditate, on the 24th of December, 1995, I attained Enlightenment or moksha, the final state called Nirvakilpa Samadhi, a Samadhi without a seed. My Enlightenment came not just from meditation, it is the result of grace from the Master and co-operation on my part with his Grace that set me free. I was shocked to find that the identity I had before Enlightenment never existed, it was only a collection of environments. I realized that my true nature was Absolute, Infinite, it is never born and never dies. I sat and witnessed that God being Absolute, it is not trapped in the Universe and nothing can contain God. Because it is undifferentiated and has no parts, the idea of an individual soul is the greatest fallacy invented by Religion. It became very clear that Religions are not the repositories for spirituality but its tombs. The Absolute is indivisible and is the cause of everything, yet itself remains the Causeless Cause. Religion is the greatest impediment for man in keeping him away from finding a Perfect Master.

I continue to serve my Master, who finally gave me Grace to Initiate other people. He has given me the most honourable state and I am humbled to be representing his Path both at home and abroad. He has allowed me to travel to major parts of the World where I have given public talks and conducted spiritual discourses which has helped me to realize that a spiritual life is the highest life to be lived. I am eternally grateful to my Master for allowing me to fulfill the true purpose of my life.

In Loving Devotion and Service to my Master

J Paul Mahay


132 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I read through the very interesting experiences you’ve had with your Master. It is really remarkable that you were blessed to receive all that you’ve received.

    I had a similar initiation with Shirdi Sai Baba who I take to be my master. I’m still in the process of growth and I feel it wise to leave it to Him to bless me with as much as He will.

    I liked the summary of your experiences as I read thro’ it and may visit from time to time as and when you keep posting new material.
    As I see it, the site is not yet fully complete and perhaps you are in the process of building it up fully. I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

  2. Hi Deepak,
    Thanks for your comment, yes, the site is still under construction but I am still adding content to it. Three more articles are waiting to go on as well as testimonials from other people.
    You cannot recieive Initiation from saints who have died as Enlightenment is sharing in the same immortality of the Guru who has attained moksha, that is Enlightenment.
    Sai Baba of shirdi was a great saint and unfortunately cannot help anyone as he is no longer on this plane. As Lord Krishna says in the Gita,” I give you of my own immortality.” Because none of the Gurus in India are Enlightened, if they are, then I was in Bangalore and Mumbai three times, I did not come across any. Loyality is a good quality to have, as you have it for Sai Baba, but it cannot get you to any spiritual growth. I have come forward to say who I am, ultimately, the choice is there whether to accept or reject what I say. Saint Kabir says, there is only one opportunity in life, if we miss it, it is like a ripe fruit which drops off the branch and cannot be taken back to it again.
    I take my hats off to your devotion and I feel it should be rewarded. Thank you for your kindness and have a great day.

  3. Pranams..

    Really felt elated learning about your experiences

    Can u please let me know who your Guru or the Enlightened Master is?

    1. Dear Anantharam ji, Thank you for your comments. Who the Guru is seems to be very important to a lot of peple. The mistake they
      make is that they take the body to be the Guru, that is why you have asked that question. My Guru lives in the West,because this is 21st
      century and there are a lot of issues about security, I protect his identity very much. It is the Light and Sound that matters, a revelation,
      what Lord Krishna calls his Divine Form. The question is, if someone was in a ship and the ship was sinking, would they be concerned about the origin of the life jacket or saving their life? The question here is, do you want to leave this plane Enlightened or Unenlightened? The facts are there before you.

  4. you have got a really useful blog i have been here reading for about an hour. i am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

  5. Your beloved Guru called for you and you went to him, placed yourself at his feet and totally surrendered. He blessed you big time! Absolutely Beautiful!

    True Avatar’s are pure love and if one is willing to surrender with open heart ready to serve one Master, they will give you everything!

    I was not born in India and knew only Christianity, I knew nothing about Hindu or Guru. But a strange dressed unknown person entered into my mind and three months later this person traveled from India to Ohio to get me. I have been blessed from that day forward and there are no words to express my gratitude and love for him!

    The Enlightened Beings are here for the world and even if a person never meets them, they do the work remotely to bring enlightenment to the Earth Plane. In a very short time a huge transition of enlightenment is taking place that everyone will benefit to some degree. It’s a beautiful time to be on the earth plane for this process of Grace. A very positive feeling to know that 90% pain and suffering with fleeting moments of joy will reverse to joy and bliss! Manifesting a new reality!
    Blessings Be!
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you Rani Ji for sharing your thoughts. One may never meet an Enlightened Master and if his Grace is transmitted by one of his appointed Enlightened person, then the disciple will attain Enlightenment. However, it is not possible to attain this state otherwise. Finally, I did respond to your comments and I do not know what happened. Please accept my apologies if the earlier comment got lost somewhere and thank you for your appreciation and kind words. Blessings.

  6. Congratulations for your blog and website.

    Many people usually say they are living the real freedom, because their gurus or saints had given them, but I can ask them if they really live such a state of love, freedom and peace that we all (in this Path) share?. I can witness all what you have said as I am also one of the fortunate ones who had attained the state of Enlightenment, given by this perfect Master in 2002. I live in Colombia, where we had the opportunity to know this Master’s teachings and now many of us are living the same state He has given us. I am also humbled to teach others in public talks and in a school of meditation and as you say this has given me the opportunity to realize that a the highest life to be lived is spiritual life, and I can not express my endeless gratitude to my Master for allowing me to fulfill the true purpose of my life.

    For those who can read this and live in Colombia, you can contact us in http://www.escuelademeditacion.org Blessings for you

    1. Hi Evelyn,
      Thank you for your appreciation and gratitude to the Master for your state of Enlightenment. Yes, there are a lot of people out there who claim to have been Enlightened. When I have given public talks and challenge people about their claims, no one comes forward. It is a spiritual law that no one can attain to this blessed state without the Grace of a Perfect Master. I have witnessed that this is the only miracle there is, to be able to take someone from somewhere to everywhere. We are passing through some interesting times and the year 2012 seems to have created a lot of hype, fears andsome hopes. What I find interesting is that the publicity given by some that we are going to get a sudden awakening and peoples level of consciousness will be automatically raised. I find this absurd as the level of consciousness can only be raised by Grace of the Perfect Master and not by wishful thinking. This testimony has been left in the Indian scriptures for thousands of years and at least about 5,000 years ago Lord Krishna emphasised this point again. After he reveals his Divine Form to Arjuna, Lord Krishna leaves no doubt when he says,”this form of mine cannot be seen by the study of the Vedas or performance of rituals, but by my Divine Grace.” So, the correct statement would be that mankind will become more receptive to spirituality rather than their consciousness raising all of a sudden. Once again, I thank you for your appreciation and sharing your joy. Blessings.

  7. Great testimony J. Paul and it is also so inspiring. I hope to be coming back more often. I have started the Path and have had amazing realisations.

  8. Respected Mr Mahay
    Thank you for inviting me to read this.
    I commented on Andrew ‘s blog as there is no continuity of vision. It appeared to me that he has relied on collected information devoid of realisation.

    As you said you have attained to that state, will you be able to guide me from where ever you are. I am at Gurgaon near New Delhi. From your web I feel that you have practiced the YAJUR VEDIC way of Realisation
    Best regards

    Ashok Roy

    1. Dear Ashok,
      Thanks for your message and I am sorry for the delayed response. Yes, your comments about Andrew are noted and I agree with you. When you are spiritually Enlightened, you are crystal clear about your Realisation. As for your comments that I seem to have used the Yajur Vedic method is not correct as you cannot get to Enlightenment by using any scriptures or any ritual, very clearly stated in the scriptures themselves. I live in the UK and there are three more Enlightened people living in India. The guidance can be provided and is not a problem. If you send me your email address I can get in touch with the Enlightened person who travels to New Delhi now and then to see some people. If you read the actual website, there is a complete outline about this spiritual journey. I got Enlightened by the Grace of my own Master and who later gave me the Grace to pass on the gift of Light and Sound to other seekers. That is a real miracle in itself. Please take care and you have my blessings.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        My email ID is …………..
        Regarding Yajurvedic method probably -it needs elaboration.
        1. guru-shishya parampara or YAJMAN -PUROHIT is Yajurvedic concept and followed till date.
        2. light and sound technique often spoken is again from YAJUR VEDA. There are a few steps taught by the Bramahana(guru) to the Yajman (who is a kshtriya by dint of his knowledge of the DHARMA-KSHETRA).
        4. Yajur vedic method not only shows the methods by which light and sound appears , but also a very special aspect by which one grows in consciousness and himself becomes the BRAMHAN.

        Ashok Roy

        1. Dear Ashok,
          Thank you for your clarification. Yes, references to Light and Sound appear in the scriptures and Lord Krishna revealed his Divine Form to Arjuna, Light and Sound. I have not read the Vedas, only bits here and there. Kriya Yoga is only Kundalini Yoga and that is not Enlightenment. If people could elevate themselves reading the Vedas, then Lord Krishna would have advised Arjuna the same and not said that His Divine Form cannot be accessible by merely studying the Vedas or performing rituals, but through his grace alone. I tto, attained to my state through the Grace of my own Guru, who, obviously is Enlightened. I did not have to become a Vedic Scholar to receive his Grace.

        2. Hi Ashok,

          I have sent you an rmail personally explaining that you cannot get to Enlightenment without the grace of
          an Enlightened Teacher. Myself and many others are a living proof of what I have stated.

  9. Time is passing and a living Master is teaching now. Enligthement is possible just meditating in His Grace. find out just go to the courses

    1. Hi Ximena,
      Thanks for your comment. The clock is ticking and a lot of work needs to be done. Spiritual state is a symbole of servitude and not status. I have chosen to serve my Guru and help him in his work. Blessings.

  10. Dear Paul,
    What an Inspiring tesitmony!
    I real appreciate your writings, they are inspiring, encouraging and useful to tell people on what is the Path about . I’m persuing the Path and meditating as 2nd Initiate. As Spiritual seekers we need such a blog.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Alfred, pleased to hear from you. Thank you for your appreciation. Yes, it is a good idea to pass on the website to those who show some interest, but nothing beats the love that pours out of the heart when we are with our human fellow beings. Just enjoy and let love and grace do its work.

  11. Curiously, what is your achievement so far, give an account for, what next after enlightenment, does this stays with permanent? do you need maintenance? give some referential of someone who is enlightened person I want to see how he looks like..I am on your side

    1. Krishan Ji, thank you for your questions. Please read the website if you find time. Enlightenment is a state of BEING, it is permanent. Once you are Enlightened, you are Enlightened forever, it cannot be repeated. Those who speak of Enlightenment as being a state of repitition are obviously not Enlightened. In the Indian language, it is called moksha or Jivanmukti, Enlightenment while living. I am Enlightened through the grace of my Master and lead a normal life. It is not mechanical, so does not need to be maintained. Enlightenment is for serving humanity. ” Do not hide the lamp under a bush but place it higher on a mountain.” Enlightenment is not something you can see but only attain, so, if you see an Enlightened person, he will look pretty normal. I am a grandfather and love my family. Lord Krishna used the word DHARMA over five thousand years ago, it means GRACE, some people translate it as Religion wrongly. It is an achievement that I dedicated my life to TRUTH, but my Enlightenment is not an achievement, it came through the grace of the my Guru. “It is through my grace that you are able to witness this Divine form of mine. Neither by the study of the Vedas or by rituals can this form of mine be seen,” says Lord Krishna to Arjuna. Environments change, but Truth never changes. I hope this helps. Blessings.

  12. Dear J. P Mahay Ji,

    I read through your “about me” section which is very interesting and the personal experiences you have mentioned make the reading even more enjoyable.

    I must tell you that I am an atheist and do not believe in God, Brahman or Supreme stuff which you have described. I prefer to find my answers through science and believes that one day it will find almost all the answers if not all. Why “almost all and not all because” my knowledge is currently limited and cannot know all the questions of the fields of science.

    Anyways continuing further I hear a lot about the purpose of our life, which I am sure you truly now believe is to attain Moksha. but I am definitely not satisfied by this answer, I would like to know “why everything started at all?” Why the almighty thought there should be a creation? Was he getting bored? Or is this all is just a part of the game being played among the Gods? Is the Earth really the only place where the advanced life exists? Are there more Universes other than ours, if yes why do they exists? What is there in those Universes?

    Since you have attained Moksha perhaps you have an idea about these questions. There is simply no chance that I would become a spiritual person (though it doesn’t matter to anybody) till few of these questions are answered.

    I am surprised that till date all the people who have claimed to have experienced God, found God or attained Moksha / Enlightenment / Deathlessness etc.. how come no one has answered these questions ! It is an escape route if you tell me that when you are with the God you don’t care about these questions at all. Or Say you tell me humans have not matured enough yet to understand the reasons behind the creation.

    I hope you will have something for me.

    Regards 🙂

    1. Hi Cosmic Entity,

      I read your comments quite often on Speaking Tree and I am actually touched that you have gone on to my website. Yes, “about me” section is a very brief introduction and I did not want my website to be too long. However, I am in the process of writing a book on my journey to Enlightenment. Before I start answering your questions, I would like to say this, you can call yourself an atheist but deep down you are actually searching. But, I will leave it at that and look at some of your questions.

      First of all I would like to emphasise the fact that Enlightenment is not an experience, moksha as we call it in India is Jivanmukti, to be Enlightened while living. It is a state of God Realisation. God is Absolute, the mind has limits and cannot experience that which is infinite. I also reject the idea of a belief in God, but a God that waits for people to arrive at his door step after death to dispense a reward or punishment according to their Karmas is blesphemy. God is Absolute love, so, the theories invented about Karma are for the survival of Religion. If you take away the soul and karma from Religion, what purpose will it serve? Science, Belief, thinking, are all thought, thoughts begin and end, you are caught up in a trail of constant thoughts. All creation comes from the mind but you will have to Transcend your mind to understand the limitations of your thought. Science cannot give you the Ultimate Answer, because it deals with beginnings and endings which is also absurd. The famous statement that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed actually comes from Vedanta and science repeats it. So, if energy can neither be created nor destroyed, why then billions of pounds or dollars are spent in discovering the beginnings and endings to the Universe, when there isn’t any beginning or ending? this attitude is reflected in your question, why everything started at all? Because you want beginnings and endings, so Science appeals to you. Please do not get the impression that I am against Science, but I am only pointing out the folly of it. Your comments are sensible that why creation? Religion must share the blame for this, since they have no answers, they have invented all the nonsense to exert their authority. Vedanta is a real Science, the old priests corrupted that too by adding things. When Max Muller translated the Vedas, he was horrified to discover how much nonsense was added to them by the priests. Back to creation. God is ABSOLUTE, that is apart from all the definitions, God is complete. Something that is complete, why would it want a creation, since that would imply God being deficient and lonely. That is nonsense because God is God, infinite and Absolute, no beginnings, or endings, no edges and surfaces. God is also UNDIFFERENTIATED, which means, it has no parts, this then throws the theory of the individual soul or jivatma, out of the window. I have to mention maya here. The ancients used this word which means illusion, which means the reality is other than what it appears to be. Science has now proved, what the ancients have been saying for thousands of years, that everything is energy. If a brick is examined under the electron microscope, you will see space and particle, but no edges. That is why the Universe is Infinite, but it is not the Truth. The Universe is in perpetual motion but Truth is Absolute, which is changeless. This planet is not the only one with life in it. There are many galaxies and life exists in different forms, that makes sense because nothing is dead in the first place.

      Those that attain to moksha have often kept silent due to the fact that certan environments were not conducive to make a lot of the statements. The World is a very different place as you are constantly targeted and safety is important as the message must go to the millions. I have not hidden myself as I feel the planet needs this spiritual energy to elevate it from slumber. This is what Lord Krishna meant 5,000 years ago when he said he comes again and again to restore Dharma, which means grace. God is totally detached from this creation and does not touch a bit of it. People do not have to be Scholars to be Enlightened. You can give us someone who has never been to school, has no clue about science or the scriptures, my Guru will take him/her to Enlightenment. You must have read my comments at times that I am always challenging these Gurus who are wasting away peoples lives by pretending to be spiritually Enlightened when they are not. Even Sri Aurobindo in his synthesis of yoga has written that all these people have is Kundalini, which of course, is not Enlightenment.

      If you study Guru Nanak, he has commented that there are worlds within worlds. I am always keeping in touch with what science has to say about their findings, and it is interesting to note that 99.9999999999999 percent of a hydrogen atom is space, and are talking about the field or the Unified field. That apart, all my travels to Brazil, Bangalore, Mumbai and the Punjab, I never ask people to believe what I say, instead welcome them to the challenge and prove me wrong. It is a real Path and you alone can decide if you have the patience to persevere. There are many Enlightened people on this Path, not just me. The mind will never understand with all its questioning until it is Transcended through Grace. I hope it will give you some satisfaction, in the end, whether someone accepts or rejects what I have said, I will still be Enlightened and no judgement will take that away from me. Thank you for your questions and I appreciate your efforts to go on the site. One request from me is that, if you find time, please read the whole of the content on the site.

      With all my blessings.

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  14. O post é bastante interessante. Eu realmente nunca pensei que eu poderia ter uma boa leitura por este tempo até que eu descobri este site. Sou grato pelas informações prestadas. Sua escrita também é muito excelente. Obrigado pela mensagem agradável. Das toneladas de comentários em seus artigos, acho que não sou o único a ter todo o prazer aqui! Continuem o bom trabalho. Manter blogs.

  15. nicely explained. it’s indeed an art to stop new visitors with your attractive writing style. truly impressive and nice information. thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Arni,
      Thanks for your compliment. I am a channel for the Grace of my Guru and letting mankind know that there is an opportunity to be Enlightened in this lifetime.

    1. Dear Almee,
      Thanks for the compliment. A true spiritual tradition has existed in some cultures but with the passage of time it gets lost. It is rare in history that an Enlightened Teacher comes along and offers his Tecahing to mankind. As we pass through crucial times, spirituality is our solution.

      1. Dear Almee,
        Thanks for the compliment. A true spiritual tradition has existed in some cultures but with the passage of time it gets lost. It is rare in history that an Enlightened Teacher comes along and offers his Teaching tomankind. As we pass through crucial times, spirituality is our solution.

  16. perhaps this is one of the most interesting blogs that i have ever seen. interesting article, funny comment. keep it up!

  17. Oi, você tem um grande site, informativo. Por favor, mantenha postagem.

  18. I have got 1 suggestion for your website. It looks like there are a number of cascading stylesheet issues when opening a number of webpages inside google chrome as well as internet explorer. It is functioning alright in internet explorer. Possibly you can double check that.

      1. Hi Paul! It was a blessing to have met you and a miracle, for the grace I have received. I’m glad that you have arrived safe at home

    1. Thanks a lot Bridget, I appreciate yourcomments. This is a Path leading to Spiritual Enlightenment and I have completed that journey through the grace of my Master.

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    1. Hi Beatrix,
      I am working on the site to expand it and build it up. Just cimpleted a free eBook which is being proof read and graduall move on to regular blogging. Thanks for your encouragement.


    1. Thanks for your suggestion,the site is an introduction to a True Spiritual Journey. It is an opportunity offered to everyone and is far more exciting than anything in the World. However, I am working on some eBooks, one, free one, is completed with good content and the one, more expanded one is in progress. I am now concentrating on my website and will build it up gradually.

  21. I do not even know how I finished up appropriate here, even so I believed this publish was excellent. I do not realize who you are but definitely you might be going to a well-known blogger when you are not already Cheers!

    1. Thank you for your comments, I am not a great blogger nor do I go to great bloggers, what you find is a real life personal story which I did not find too difficult to narrate. Thanks.

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    1. Hi,
      That’s fine but please bear in mind that it is not just academic but a reality, it can be done by anyone in this lifetime regardless of their religion and nationality.

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  26. Howdy just stumbled upon your website from Google after I entered in, “Spiritual Enlightenment Blog | Discover The Ultimate Cause Behind Everything That Exists” or perhaps something similar (can’t quite remember exactly). Anyhow, I’m pleased I found it simply because your content is exactly what I’m looking for (writing a college paper) and I hope you don’t mind if I gather some information from here and I will of course credit you as the source. Thank you.

  27. I was just seeking this info for some time. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your web site. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this type of informative web sites in top of the list. Generally the top sites are full of garbage.

    1. Thank you for your sincerity and Google must have their own way of selecting websites before they place them on top of the list. I am hoping to get there as time goes by and apprecite your comments and value them very much.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, I am passionate about this because it is available to anyone right now. I am working on more writings which will be on the website soon.

      Thanks again and take care.

  28. Hi Paul,
    I’m very happy to see your service through this blog. It was a very happy moment to have you in Tanzania. Your love and care is very appreciated. Alfred from Arusha.

    1. Hi Alfred,
      Thank you for your apreciation, I too appreciate the dedication of all of you there which made our trip very enjoyable. I treasure all the kindness very dearly. Thank you for travelling for so many hours to come and see us at Dar.


    2. Submitted on 2012/08/24 at 7:21 am | In reply to Alfred Alphonce.

      Hi Alfred,
      Thank you for your apreciation, I too appreciate the dedication of all of you there which made our trip very enjoyable. I treasure all the kindness very dearly. Thank you for travelling for so many hours to come and see us at Dar.


  29. Hellow,i am 1st initiate fom Tanzania. i am so much inspired with your teachings..i am so much practicing meditation so that i can reach the level of yours..Thanx alot!

    1. Hi Omary,
      Thanks for your compliment and I am sure you will get to where I am by the Grace of the Master. Just persevere and help mankind in whatever small way you can. I hope to see you there in Tanzania sometime and please carry on with your meditations.


  30. actually i am asleep now and started searching something about spiritual enlightenment and found yours.
    very interesting stuff.. i am very skeptical..
    i am a beginner and know very little..
    you got spiritually enlightened by your master.. did you get any magical powers or something like that?
    need your blessings and support..
    love light joy!!

    1. Hi Madhu,
      Thank you for your compliments about the website. Yes, I am Enlightened through the grace of my Guru. It is good to be sceptical as one is going to dedicate a lot of years to something, if you land in the wrong hands, you could end up wasting many years of your life. Magical Powers, well, there are a lot of magicians around but they are not spiritual. Along the journey, one may acquire some Siddhis or supernatural powers, but that is not the object of spirituality. What I have been granted is an Absolute state which has given me a real identity. Spirituality is about the expansion of your awareness until you realise that you are INFINITE. If you read the website, it covers a lot and what a True spiritual Path is all about. If you are looking for Spiritual Enlightenment, then you may send me an email with more information about yourself, age, location, what are you practising at the moment. I will then be able to offer you guidance. You have my blessings in abundance.

      Bless You.

  31. Hi Adept,
    I like your comment to Madhu, your comment gives the difference of Our Master’s Path and other Teachings and practices. I think that is what the public should be told.
    Thanks and much love

    1. Hi Alfred,
      Thanks for your comment. This is a unique Path where we deliver what we promise in this lifetime. It is a fact that a True spiritual Path begins with the revelation of Light and Sound, which is revealed by an Enlightened Teacher. This is the only way you can begin a spiritual journey. The proof of what we say is in the number of people already Enlightened, as well as people at different states of consciousness. I hope you are enjoying your meditations and hope to catch up with you sometime again when I am in Tanzania.

      Best Wishes.

  32. Thank you very much Paul. I met you in 2010 when I went to see the Master. Keep the good job of teaching mankind and helping the Master in serving humanity. I am in the Second Stage of my journey. What Paul is talking about here is True. The Master is unique in that he embodies the Light & Sound and gives Grace. He is Love and Truth. If we were all in the Path, the upheavels of modern life, stress, wars (slaughtering each other for Namibia is our ‘daily bread’), hate, materialism, ego, etc will dinish as Freedom is Love. Thank you Paul. Vetira, Namibia. (Those who are in Namibia and would like to know more about the Path, contact me at vetira@gmail.com)

    1. Hi Vetira,
      Thanks for your comments and its been a long time since we met in UK and I have not forgotten you. You are absolutely right about the miracle of this Path, it is due to ignorance that wars are fought. The true nature of the Absolute is Love and there is nowhere where God is not, so, it is senseless to indulge in hatred. The problems arise from the ego, when through the Grace of an Enlightened Master we transcend the ego, we discover that Absolute Love and compassion.

      I wish you all the best.

  33. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful life story with us! It was really inspiring and interesting to read about your experiences that you had with your Master and how it helped you to get through your life challenges and see the blessings in all this as well. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation and I am glad that you have liked my story. Just to say that while my my experiences on this journey with my Master were unique, the realisation of Enlightenment is not an experience, it is a state of Being as Absoluteness can never be an experience. Thank you and I bless you too.

  34. Hello, Interesting reading your articles on enlightenment.There are several questions that still confuse me. 1] If no individual as such exists and that we are indeed merely a collection of memories/beliefs/conditioning then is enlightenment even really important…to whom would enlightenment apply if there are no individuals in existence? The very idea that we will ‘get something’ from enlightenment is just another ploy of the mind…no?
    2]In reality their can be no good or bad actions because firstly, we are ‘being lived’ by the absolute and, secondly, good/bad are relative judgments of the conditioned mind. Good actions might help to the extent that it is easier to get along with people/neighbours and so forth when we perform positive actions, but from the standpoint of the absolute it is irrelevant. Since there is no individual soul progressing towards a state of perfection all value judgments regards purpose of life…vegetarianism…or the fact that billions of people have died unenlightened is of no importance whatsoever.
    The absolute exists forever unconcerned with the goings on of humans on one hand, whilst, paradoxically, somehow is innately connected with all life……just not in the way that most people imagine.

    Is it not the case that we are spit out into this mysterious existence called life and even those so-called great enlightened ones [who is actually enlightened?] have, at best, only part of the picture?

    1. Thank you for your email, and of course your concerns are natural as the statement “there is no permanent self in an individual” raises many questions and is challenging.

      The idea that Enlightenment might be pointless or irrelevant misses the whole ability to understand the statement itself.

      If people are simply a collection of environments and dimensions, then discovering why they exist should be important to them, otherwise this unknown (why do I exist) remains, no matter what they do.

      If an individual can find meaning and purpose in creation, then the cause of that creationwill have an infinitely greater meaning within it, and this meaning is ultimate love, and love gives the greatest meaning to any action or purpose an individual can perform.

      Creation itself cannot demonstrate the self createdness of its maker, so searching within the limits of creation for its cause is pointless as the cause has no edges or boundaries which consciousness can access, so instead of finding an answer within limits, mankind, (needing the very limits he is created from to exist), cannot naturally go beyond them to discover how he came about.


  35. Hari Om

    How nice it is to read about your dedication and determination, amidt your personal struggles.
    Your strength is truly revered. I, unlike you have not had the privelage of meeting a Master & have been guided upon many different paths, plagued with their own flaws. I long to find the stillness within as you have described. Thank you for shaing.
    Please visit me soon.
    Keep well.

    1. Dear Om,
      Thank you for your comments and being honest about your journey. Spiritual Enlightenment is a fact and to find such a Master who can deliver what he promises is indeed rare. I am based in UK and if you are sincere in your quest, please let me know where you are based, I may be able to put you in contact with someone from this Path to give you further assistance.

      Bless You.

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